We are please to announce that SEVENTH RIZE will be playing select shows in the Fall/Winter of 2018!  Please stay tuned for more details.

The Drum Corner NAMM 2016!!!

Be sure to check out the NAMM 2016 publication of Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine featuring The Drum Corner - featuring Sulli of Seventh Rize!!!  This particular lesson is titled "To Click or Not To Click"...discussing the use of a click track/metronome…

Sulli of Seventh Rize and Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine!!

Seventh Rize Nation!

Please visit your nearest Guitar Center and grab a copy of the most recent Rock-n-Roll Industries magazine and check the debut lesson of The Drum Corner!
You can check out the video portion of the lesson here…

More FREE Stuff!!

Seventh Rize Nation!!!

Help us get to 500 "likes" on Facebook and win more free merchandise!!!  Spread the word and as always...THANK YOU for all the support!!

Peace, Love & Seventh Rize

Seventh Rize on the Radio!!

Seventh Rize Nation!!

One of our singles, "One Last Time",  is starting to get some airplay and awesome reviews/responses...PLEASE demand it with your station of choice!!  Again, Seventh Rize wants to THANK YOU for all the support!!

Peace, Love &amp…


GIVEAWAY FRIDAY!!! To celebrate getting to over 300 likes on our official Facebook page in such a short amount of time...Seventh Rize is giving away a t-shirt featuring our ever-so-popular "Visceral Rock" cover! This shirt will make you stand out…