The Drum Corner NAMM 2016!!! 

Be sure to check out the NAMM 2016 publication of Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine featuring The Drum Corner - featuring Sulli of Seventh Rize!!!  This particular lesson is titled "To Click or Not To Click"...discussing the use of a click track/metronome!  Video to be release soon via the official Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine YouTube channel!! 

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Seventh Rize founder/drummer to be featured in Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine! 

Seventh Rize Nation!!!

We are pleased to announce that Sulli - Seventh Rize founding member/drummer - will be featured in Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine for the entire 2015 production...beginning with their NAMM Edition!  Sulli will be hosting "The Drum Corner"....a new venture for the magazine to focus on "all things drums"!  In each edition, Sulli will conduct a lesson...discuss the music some interviews and product reviews...should be a blast!!!

Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine is a fast growing information source for anything and everything that is Rock-n-Roll!  Distributed throughout North America and featured in EVERY Guitar don't have to travel far to find one.  In addition to the printed version, a digital version is available via their main site. 

The magazine just released a short promo clip from the first video shoot.  Please check it out above!

For more information on Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine, please visit

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