Seventh Rize was formed in the Fall of 1991 and comes from the rural oil fields of West Texas. Previous experience and dedication, along with extensive rehearsal led Seventh Rize to take the club circuit by storm! Averaging over 200 shows per year, Seventh Rize headlined in clubs and festivals, opened numerous major concerts and was a featured artist on several regional radio stations and publications.
In the Fall of 1995, with bigger goals in mind, Seventh Rize made a collective decision to begin seriously writing original music and so constructed their own studio, Dean O’s Studio, to self-produce their original music. In 1999, as fate would have it, legendary drummer/producer/author Bobby Rock (Nelson, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Hardline) heard the music and offered the band a production deal to produce the debut Seventh Rize album!

With excitement and anticipation in the air, the band was flown to Los Angeles to begin recording basic tracks at Studio 14731 which is owned and operated by Bruce Bouillet, guitarist for legendary metal band Racer X and The Scream. With additional help from Bob Kulick, Seventh Rize began the task of recording “Visceral Rock”. While in Los Angeles, the band was honored to have both Brett Garsed (Nelson) and Neil Zaza come down to the studio and contribute some amazing guitar solos and slide work! Back in Texas, at Dean O’s Studio, powerful vocals were performed by Henry Font (Pist.On) and Bobby Rock laid down some serious percussion tracks to spice things up. Needless to say, the groove for “Visceral Rock” was set! The final mixing was completed by Bruce Bouillet at Jake’s Place in Sherman Oaks, CA with mastering by Marty Blasick at Motion City in Los Angeles, CA.

The band and crew released “Visceral Rock” to the masses in August of 2000 with praise from hard rock fans and critics alike! Reviewers agree that “Visceral Rock” is nothing short of a “No Nonsense”, “Solid”, “100% Pure Rock-n-Roll” record! Shortly after the release, Seventh Rize signed an infamous “Indie Deal Gone Bad” which put the band on an extended vacation!

In the Fall of 2006, founding member Sulli and long-time vocalist Stacy "The Big Daddy" Humphries decided to make the commitment in bringing Seventh Rize back to the scene! The group re-released “Visceral Rock”, on May 18, 2007 and began performing shows with the likes of Warrant, Firehouse and White Lion…not to mention several headlining events, including a Vh1 Special, along with numerous in-store appearances. Seventh Rize also appeared at Rocklahoma ‘08! Seventh Rize also scored national endorsements with Sonor Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead Drumsticks, Sabian Cymbals and Peavey Electronics!

Successfully re-established, Seventh Rize began the next logical step…writing new material. The core writing sessions went extremely well and the band decided to bring back Bobby Rock to produce the new album, “Full Moon”. The entire recording/mixing/mastering process for “Full Moon” was spread between Texas and Los Angeles. Initial responses on the new album can be summed up in one word, “Intense”! For the first time in the bands’ career, Seventh Rize worked with an outside writer, namely Bruce Turgon from “FOREIGNER”. A chemistry which proved successful with their Vh1 single "To Love Rodeo, To Win Rodeo"! The band worked night and day on “Full Moon” to live up to its motto, “Let The Music Do The Talking”.

Once “Full Moon” was complete, Seventh Rize began searching for the “right” label to promote it. The band was set on finding a label that shared their vision and truly lived for rock-n-roll music! They found these qualities in Perris Records and signed with the label in April 2009. The first single, also the title track, will hit airwaves soon and “Full Moon” is set for a nation-wide release on July 14, 2009!

In support of "Full Moon", Seventh Rize hit arena stages and delivered their brand of kick ass arena rock across Texas as direct support for the legendary Lou Gramm of Foreigner plus a club tour with Jackyl. 2012 saw Seventh Rize touring/performing with Cinderella, Candlebox and Great White...2013 served up Seventh Rize supporting RATT!  Seventh Rize is currently in pre-production for their 3rd album and will be sharing the stage with Buckcherry and Lou Gramm of Foreigner once again in the Fall of 2015!

Seventh Rize is honored and proud to endorse Sabian Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead Drumsticks and Peavey Electronics!
Stacy "The Big Daddy" Humphries - Vocals
Brando - Guitars
David Hamilton - Bass
Sulli - Drums

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News Flash 9/10/15

DIN Productions proudly presents MUSHROOMHEAD with special guest SEVENTH RIZE...LIVE!!...on Tuesday October 13, 2015 at Club Patron in Odessa TX!!

News Flash 8/18/15

J & B Productions proudly present BUCKCHERRY with special guest SEVENTH RIZE...LIVE!!...on Tuesday October 6, 2015 at Club Patron in Odessa TX!!

News Flash 11/23/14
Seventh Rize founder/drummer to be featured in Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine! 

We are pleased to announce that Sulli - Seventh Rize founding member/drummer - will be featured in Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine for the entire 2015 production...beginning with their NAMM Edition!  Sulli will be hosting "The Drum Corner"....a new venture for the magazine to focus on "all things drums"!  In each edition, Sulli will conduct a lesson...discuss the music some interviews and product reviews...should be a blast!!!

Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine is a fast growing information source for anything and everything that is Rock-n-Roll!  Distributed throughout North America and featured in EVERY Guitar don't have to travel far to find one.  In addition to the printed version, a digital version is available via their main site. 

The magazine just released a short promo clip from the first video shoot.

For more information on Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine, please visit
For more information on Sulli and Seventh Rize, please visit

News Flash 2/1/14

Seventh Rize Nation!

One of our singles "One Last Time" is starting to get some airplay and awesome reviews/responses...PLEASE demand it with your station of choice!!  Again, Seventh Rize wants to THANK YOU for all the support!!

Peace, Love & Seventh Rize!!

News Flash 1/24/14

GIVEAWAY FRIDAY!!! To celebrate getting to over 300 likes on our official Facebook page in such a short amount of time...Seventh Rize is giving away a t-shirt featuring our ever-so-popular "Visceral Rock" cover! This shirt will make you stand out in the crowd in style...! All you have to do is comment on this post via and tell us what you like about Seventh Rize!! The most unique and honest answer wins!! Winner will be announced at 8am CST on Saturday 1/25/14 and the shirt will ship Monday 1/27/14.

Thanks again to ALL of our friends in North America, Japan, Germany, etc...YOU keep real rock-n-roll alive!!

Peace, Love, Seventh Rize

News Flash 1/20/14

Welcome to the official Seventh Rize website!  The band and crew are working hard to add additional features to the site...please take a moment to browse around...listen to some tunes...check out a video...and visit the store!  We appreciate EACH and EVERYONE of YOU!

Peace, Love, Seventh Rize

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